What Does the RedBall Photographer Carry?



Following a conversation  that Brit and I had, we thought it would be a good idea to also answer one question she gets from photographers a lot while shooting RedBall. Photography Gear! So in her own words, here is Brit.

I’ve been traveling with The RedBall Project going on 5 years, and over those years I have been able to dial in the photo equipment that I bring. When I first started shooting for this project, I purposely overpacked my gear, unsure of what I might need to complete the job while being so far from my photo studio.

When shooting commercial photography, you over pack in order to be ready for any situation or request that might come your way, but with travel and documentary work it’s slightly different. You might do yourself and the work a disservice if you are unable to remain light and mobile.

When I’m approached by fellow photographers on the street who see me shooting the project or might have seen my previous work, they always ask how did I land such a cool gig and what’s inside my gear bag?

I’ve always appreciated the open transfer of information between photographers when it comes to gear recommendations and am always happy to share the secrets of what’s inside my bag. As for the first question it’s pretty straight forward, I’m a freelance photographer who is constantly open and looking for new opportunities that fit within my style and wheelhouse. I came across a job posting looking for a documentary photographer and I simply applied.

Brit Worgan shooting for RedBall with Wandrd Backpack


I met with the artist who checked out my portfolio and consulted with an art director friend. He liked my work, both commercially and documentary and decided to give me a try while the project was visiting Mons, Belgium. Five years later we’ve created some incredible work for this project and continue to approach it with fresh ideas.

With all that in mind, I’d like to share with you a full run down of the equipment and gear I rely on to travel around the world documenting The RedBall Project

  • Wandrd PRVKE 31 LT Backpack
  • BACKPACK rainfly
  • 2 European power converters
  • Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Surge Protector with USB Ports (2.1 AMP) – Surge protector
  • HooToo TripMate Titan
  • PRESS Badge
  • 4 camera batteries + 1 charger
  • 2 x Ruggard camera cover
  • Canon 5D MK III
  • Fuji xT100 Camera
  • Canon L series 16-40 f/2.8
  • Canon L Series 24-105 f/4
  • Camera hand strap
  • Oben AC-1351 Aluminum Tripod
  • Lens cloth
  • 32 GB CF Card
  • 2 x 16 GB CF Cards
  • Card case
  • Card reader
  • 2 TB Western Digital Hard Drive w/ rubber protectant and case
  • 13’’ MacBook Pro
  • Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop

This is a very basic list of what is usually inside my gear bag; while some things are added or removed. For instance sometimes I’ll pack my 70-200 lens or a 5D MK II as my extra camera body, or I will include a Q Flash with an external battery pack when there are complicated installs that we want to cover. If we are traveling to a place without a local camera gear or rental shop, I tend to pack these as extra coverage.

Hopefully this run down of gear sheds a little light on what goes into getting the shot. I’m always happy to help consult fellow photographers and artists on how to best document your work for archive and social purposes

-Brit Worgan

[ Brit’s work can be found on her portfolio site, britworgan.com and I’ve dropped her bio below.]

Brit Worgan started her career as a news photographer at a daily newspaper in Upstate New York where created a name for herself as an emerging photographer with the Associated Press. Now based in NYC and was recently named as a 2017 emerging photographer to watch by Getty Creative. She has shot for VICE,  GQ, New York Times,  Associated Press  & Getty Images. She has an amazing ongoing series on Gay Rodeo recently featured in Broadly.

RedBall Antwerp Market

RedBall Antwerp Centaal Train Station

All photos by Brit Worgan